11 Mar 2014

Latest Placement Report Reveals Continued High Rates at Lake Area Tech

Author: Karen | Filed under: News Release

WATERTOWN, SD – Lake Area Tech has completed its employment survey of the 2013 graduates and is reporting that after just six months, 98% of the graduates are employed or are continuing their education.  Of those continuing their education, a majority have returned specifically to Lake Area Tech to complete the second year of their nursing degree or pick up another program of study.

In addition to the overall high placement rate, 88% of the respondents reported they are employed in South Dakota, and at competitive wages.  Vice-President Mike Cartney comments, “Not only are Lake Area Tech graduates landing good jobs, but the salaries these graduates are getting are outstanding.” Twelve programs reported an average hourly wage of $16.00 or more, plus excellent benefits and five of the programs saw salaries over $20 per hour.  Cartney continues, “This is good news for everyone. The number affirms that Lake Area Tech is providing graduates the skills they need to be successful.  It also demonstrates that employers recognize Lake Area Tech graduates as valuable employees.”

Of the 592 graduates in 2013, 578 responded to the annual placement and wage survey.   The survey is conducted annually by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations and is used as a benchmark for Lake Area Tech and the state of South Dakota in strategic planning, as well as recruitment and advising students.

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